Obama’s Gun Record Basically Consists Of Expanding Gun Owners’ Rights

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The Christian Science Monitor ran a very interesting piece in September comparing Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s gun control records.In making that comparison, CSM pointed out Obama has only ever signed laws expanding gun owners’ rights.

One of those pro-gun laws took effect in February 2010 and allows people to carry loaded firearms into the Grand Canyon and other national parks, according to the AP.

Paul Helmke, who was at the time president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said national parks were the safest spots in American but guns could change that.

The other major pro-gun law Obama signed allows Amtrak passengers to carry guns in checked baggage, reversing a ban that was put in place after 9/11, according to USA Today.

In addition to signing pro-gun laws, the Chicago Tribune has pointed out, Obama also failed to make good on a campaign promise to close a loophole that let some people buy guns without background checks.

It’s not so shocking then that the Brady Campaign gave Obama an F in January 2010.

“It’s been a very disappointing year for us, especially considering what he campaigned on,” Helmke said during an on-air MSNBC interview, according to The Hill.

The Brady Campaign has, however, responded positively to the president’s latest efforts to address gun violence following the massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.

“The urgency with which the president is taking this issue on is a tremendous step forward,” current Brady Campaign president Dan Gross said in a statement.

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