Police Officer Accidentally Fired A Flight Attendant's Gun In Philadelphia

phialdelphia airport

Photo: Philadelphia International Airport

A Philadelphia police officer accidentally discharged a flight attendant’s gun Sunday after the Republic Airlines employee tried to bring the firearm through security.Flight attendant Jaclyn Luby was working her way through security at Philadelphia International Airport around 6:30 a.m. when TSA found the weapon, ABC 6 reported.

A cop who was trying to unload it then accidentally fired a round into an airport wall.

Luby told authorities she forgot the gun was in her bag but she did have a permit to carry it, NBC Philadelphia reported.

“You would expect she would be more vigilant about the fact she travels so much that it should be second nature to her to basically check it out and check her bags out before coming to the airport,” traveller Brian Saldanha told ABC 6.

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