The number of people who are trying to buy guns in the US keeps breaking records

One of the biggest measures of US gun sales is setting record after record.

July marked the highest number of firearm background checks ever for a month of July since the FBI began to handle the permit applications. This is the 15th time in a row in which the number of permits hit a record for that calendar month.

While the background checks do not measure direct gun sales, they do provide a strong indication of where sales are going and how many people are trying to make purchases.

The reading is also backed up by recent strong earnings from gunmaker Smith and Wesson, which saw a 22% jump in sales during it’s most recent quarter from the same time period in 2015. Additionally, Sturm Ruger reported a 19% increase in sales during their earnings on Wednesday.

As we’ve noted before, mass shootings such as those that took place in San Bernandino, Orlando, and Dallas have correlated to a rise in sales, especially as gun control rhetoric has increased during the 2016 elections.

Add that up and you have record demand for guns.

Firearm background checks

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