See How Gulfstream's $US65 Million Private Jet Set An Around-The-World Speed Record

Gulfstream G650 is the biggest and best private jet$US65 million can buy.

It’s also the fastest certified civilian aircraft, reaching an average speed of 568.5 miles per hour.

To prove it, Gulfstream took the G650 on a record-setting flight, circling the globe in just 41 hours, 7 minutes.

That’s the fastest time for a westbound flight to circle the globe in a non-supersonic aircraft.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale recognised the record in September.

Gulfstream’s president Larry Flynn called it a momentous occasion for business aviation, showing off both the speed and range of the G650.

“The aircraft performed flawlessly,” pilot-in-command Tom Horne said in a Gulfstream press release.

Covering 20,310 nautical miles, the G650 started and ended its around-the-world flight in San Diego, with stops in Guam, Dubai and Cape Verde. Five pilots shared the journey.

The G650 was checked and had its engine oil serviced before taking off.

Here's the crew on the around-the-world flight (from left): Tom Horne, Bud Ball, Erick Parker, Ross Oetjen and John McGrath.

Pilots Ross Oetjen (left) and Tom Horne (right) took off from San Diego's Brown Field Municipal Airport and headed for Guam.

The pilots switched out through the record setting run.

And they had a place to relax and sleep in the 'ultra-large cabin.'

The G650's record-setting trip took place in four legs from San Diego to Guam, Dubai, Cape Verde, and back to San Diego. Here's the jet in Cape Verde.

It refueled at each stop.

Back in San Diego, the G650 flight crew celebrated completing the westbound around-the-world flight in 41 hours, 7 minutes, establishing a world-record for non-supersonic aircraft in the C-1.I class.

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