A Belgian student just set a world record for designing the largest Game Boy

Belgian engineering student Ilhan Unal has entered the Guinness World Record books for creating the largest, fully functional version of a GameBoy.

The 21-year-old designed the giant console on his computer and then spent a month in a laboratory building it. It measures 101 cm in height, 62 cm wide, and 20 cm deep.

The device is wired to a normal GameBoy which means it can play any game. It also has System Link capabilities so you can play with friends.

Ilhan said: “The Game Boy was a huge part of many peoples childhood, including my own. I was obsessed with my Game Boy as a kid, so I wanted to create something that would put a smile on little Ilhan’s face, and hopefully on the face of anyone who is a big kid at heart.”

Produced by Jasper Pickering

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