Take a tour of the Guinness brewery in Dublin, named the best tourist attraction in Europe

Guinness Storehouse Cooperage InteriorGuinness StorehouseExplore the process that goes into making and transporting Guinness beer.

The Guinness Storehouse, located in Dublin, Ireland, was recently named Europe’s best tourist attraction by the World Travel Awards.

According to Paul Carty, Managing Director of the Storehouse, one in every two visitors to Dublin visits the Guinness Storehouse, making it an extremely popular choice for tourists.

Scroll down to see what it’s like inside the famous storehouse known for producing one of the world’s top beers.

The Guinness Storehouse has seven massive floors for visitors to explore.

Guinness Storehouse

On the first floor, a Master Brewer explains the step-by-step process of brewing Guinness beer. Visitors will learn how the barley is malted, roasted, milled, mixed with hot water, and mashed, before it turns into beer.

Guinness Storehouse

The first floor also houses the Cooperage exhibit, which showcases the ancient craft of cask making and the various transport methods used by Guinness for years.

On the second floor, the 'Taste Experience' gives visitors tips on how to best hone the senses to note the flavours and tastes of the beer.

Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Academy is on the fourth floor, where guests can practice pouring the perfect pint of Guinness using the brand's six-step process.

To pour the perfect pint, take a cool, clean, and dry Guinness branded glass and hold it under the tap at a 45 degree angle. Pull the handle forward until it's horizontal and fill the glass about three-fourths to the top, leaving the surge to settle for about two minutes. Top the glass by pushing the tap handle backwards but don't let it overflow.

Melissa Stanger / Business Insider

Learn more about how to pour Guinness like a pro »

Here, guests also learn about the four main Guinness varieties -- Guinness Draught, Original, Foreign Extra Stout, and Black Lager -- and taste them.

Guinness Storehouse

There are two restaurants on the fifth floor: Gilroy's, which offers traditional Irish food with formal waiter service; and Brewer's Dining Hall, which offers a more relaxed and casual environment.

Foursquare/Xavier T.

Finally, on the seventh floor is the Gravity Bar where guests can enjoy a complimentary pint of Guinness while getting 360-degree views over Dublin.

Courtesy of Guinness Storehouse

The space has incredible views of the city.

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