Your Guide To Tipping In 5 Holiday Vacation Destinations

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You’ve planned your trip within an inch of its life, from the location of your seat on the plane to the perfect dinner reservations at that place so-and-so recommended.Your flight goes fine, you land at destination X, hop in a cab and head to your hotel. The taxi pulls up, the valet opens the door, and suddenly you’re faced with a dilemma.

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How much should you tip the ca bby? What’s the proper amount to tip the doorman and the bellhop?

Depending on the destination, the tipping customs can vary. To help, the team at Hopper has assembled our handy guide to gratuity.

We’ve run through the most popular travel destinations for the average American and pulled out the key rules for polite tipping.

If you frequent these locations you’ll want to take note, savvy compensation can ensure you enhanced service and friendly faces on your next stay.

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Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, cash is king, so it should be no surprise that tipping is practically an art form in this city. It starts in your cab, where taxi drivers generally receive 15% on top of the fare.

At your hotel, plan on three separate tips: one for your bellhop, maid, and the concierge. Depending on the level of service, a concierge can get upwards of $100 but in most cases $10 will do. As for the your bags and room, the average is $5-10 for you bellhop and about $1-$2 per night for the maid.

Eating out in Vegas is a must (Joel Rubichon or bust), and with great service comes a great tip; you should account for 15-20% of the bill.

If you're headed to Vegas chances are you'll be setting foot in a casino or two. Depending on the level of your winnings, tip accordingly to your dealer. The good news? If you are wiped clean, no tipping is needed. Keno and Bingo runners are generally rewarded with a $1 to $2 offering.


Americans love visiting Mexico. In fact, 34% of all outbound US travellers find their way there annually. Visitors frequent the country's Aztec temples, sparkling beaches and luxury resorts.

At your hotel, plan on leaving 20-50 pesos per day (or $2-$4 USD) for the maid service . Bellhops get 10-20 pesos ($1-$2) on average.

If you plan on eating out, tipping in Mexico is a must. At most restaurants it is typical to round up your bill to add an additional 10-15% (think rounding ~$26 to $30).

If you drive in Mexico, the rule of thumb dictates giving your gas station attendant 5 pesos (about 50 cents). Taxi drivers don't expect tips.

If you opt for a guided tour of Chichen Itza or any Mexican destination, plan on a 100-200 peso gratuity (8-16 dollars). This is baseline, so if your tour guide really wows you with their knowledge of Mayan architecture consider a more generous tip.

But, the question arises, should you tip in American dollars or in pesos? Although not required and most places accept US dollars, tipping in pesos is not only appreciated but a polite gesture.


Europe is also high on Americans' places to travel, accounting for over 19% of all outbound travels each year and the Iberian peninsula remains a top destination. Spain boasts an amazing cultural legacy from the Moorish architecture of Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba to Goya's masterpieces at the Prado in Madrid. Not to mention those tapas...

Spain, like much of Europe, is not a cheap destination (despite its current economic woes), and even after you pay for your transportation and hotel costs you can't forget to budget tipping. Leaving an extra few dollars won't break your bank, but not leaving it could ruin a trip. No one likes awkward waiter encounters, so 5-15% will adequately compensate them. However, if your service was short of your expectations you can leave without gratuity and won't be ostracized.

Getting around in Europe is easy. Planes, trains and automobiles are all fairly accessible, and Spain is no exception. When opting for a taxi you can take a sigh of relief, as tipping is not expected. However, to save face it is typical to round up your fare to the nearest euro (think 10.5 euros to 11).

Although in some places you might be able to get away with spending US dollars, you will want to convert your cash at the start of your trip or use a credit card. But be warned: tipping in restaurants on a card is frowned upon.

The Caribbean

With sparkling beaches and azure seas, the isles of the Caribbean are undeniably popular destinations for American travellers. Whether you arrive by ship or by air, there are a few tipping pointers to keep in mind while you enjoy your tropical sojourn.

Many all inclusive resorts include some kind of gratuity charge in the bill, which means you don't have to worry about handing out small change left and right. Consider however, tipping your bartender to ensure prompt and attentive service at happy hour.

Tipping at restaurants off resort property is consistent with what Americans are used to at home. If gratuity is not automatically included on the check, plan to tip 15-20% based on service level. Make sure to leave your expectations of speedy service on the mainland, the relaxed pace of the islands means you're probably going to wait a little longer than you're accustomed.

In general, a tip or two may help speed things up, or at least ensure some preferential treatment.

New York City

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