Israeli Wedding Video Shows Missile defence Taking Out Rockets

Never having lived in Israel I can only imagine the cautionary acceptance that must come with being under the constant threat of attack. Most apartment buildings have bomb shelters that are supposed to be resistant to chemical attacks, while air raid maps outline how long residents have to take cover once the alert is sounded.

Imagine a first date, taking a child to school, visiting grandparents and getting stuck in traffic — all under the constant possibility of an incoming attack.

Imagining life under those circumstances, along with this video, could go a long way to helping understand why Israel’s Iron Dome is so important and why the U.S. spent so much money helping build it.

The following clip was posted to YouTube yesterday and apparently shows a wedding party and its videographer as they listen to air raid sirens while watching incoming missiles get scuttled by Israel’s defensive shield. Punctuated by squeals and claps, the whole high definition scene is nudged along by a female cover version of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning. The picture below the video shows one of the rockets as it slips from its launcher.

The link comes by way of Reddit, posted in the comments section of another video link, and included the accompanying text: “Sirens interrupted a wedding in the city of Beersheba (about 25 miles from Gaza) and a photographer caught a barrage of rockets on video. You can also see about a dozen Iron Dome interceptions.”

In the video: At about 18 seconds it looks like the Iron Dome is powering up. At 50 seconds. as the cameraman is starting to wonder if that’s going to be it, the rockets come into view on the horizon.

Iron Dome

Photo: AP

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