Oh My God It's Early -- Time To Wake Up And Be A Guest On CNBC!

CNBC Squawk Box Blodget Rattner

CNBC was kind enough to invite me on Squawk Box this morning.

I talked Facebook with hosts Andrew Ross Sorkin, Joe Kernen, Becky Quick, and Steve Rattner.

They’re a class act, so it was a super-fun way to start the day. There’s more on that, and Facebook, and a clip here.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on CNBC, so I got to experience it as a newbie again. And because folks always ask what it’s like to be on CNBC, I figured I’d snap some photos along the way…

(Some of the photos, I am sorry to say, are horrible-quality. It’s clearly time to upgrade from the iPhone 3GS…)

First, they pick you up at your house in one of these bad boys. Awesome...

Of course, if you're doing Squawk, it's dark. And today it's raining. But you can just fire up your laptop and let your driver--in this case, the very-professional Cem Unyuruten--handle everything.

There's no traffic at that hour (5:45), and you're going against whatever traffic there is, so you'll pop over the George Washington Bridge and be at CNBC's headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, in no time

The headquarters building is massive, with lots of cool-looking satellite dishes on top. And that's when you begin to remember how technologically cool the TV business is.

Then it's through the aeroplane hanger of a lobby with screens everywhere... (Told you the pictures were crappy. Sorry about that!)

And through a corridor filled with pictures of CNBC's stars... (After all, this isn't just journalism. It's show business!).

(CNBC's celebration of its stars is actually quite subtle relative to that of other networks. At CNN, for example, the walls are filled with, say, 6-foot high super-HD pictures of Anderson Cooper's head.)

One of CNBC's newest stars, Kayla Tausche, is right there on the end...

Once your face is painted, it's on to the Green Room. If I'm not mistaken, that table is an actual bona-fide antique--the first one I've ever seen in a Green Room.

There's a full-length mirror, too, so you can check yourself out and worry about what you look like.

There are complimentary iPads and a 50-inch flat-screen where you can watch the show and hosts and the teasers of you coming up...

And, of course, some dead-tree media, for those so inclined...

BOOM! The humongous, airy newsroom. This is where it gets real!

On the far side of the newsroom is the Squawk set. And it is one heck of a set...

For example, there's the boom camera, which captures those dramatic zoom-around-the-table shots...

Steve settles in, with one of the many crew members checking on his mic... (We're in a commercial break).

Becky has gone off to do a solo intro, Joe's chatting with Steve, and Mr. Sorkin's checking the markets and email...

He has four monitors in front of him: Two markets, one a live feed (the commercial has ended, and Becky's introducing the segment), and one for email. (By the way, Andrew, what does that blue rubber bracelet signify?)

And then we're live!

All in, awesome.

Now check out what we talked about:

'Facebook Is Muppet Bait'

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