Guess who's back? The internet is freaking out over this selfie of Tom from MySpace

Tom, back in the day when he was your first friend on Myspace.

Remember MySpace Tom? Of course you do.

Tom Anderson was the co-founder of MySpace and when you signed up for an account on the social network, Tom became your first default friend, making his photo the most famous profile picture on the web at the time.

Since leaving the company in 2009 – after he sold it to News Corp in 2005 for $US580 million – he has been living the life of luxury.

He is now a retired, 44-year-old millionaire who travels the world taking photos (and they’re actually amazing).

Recently, Tom’s face has been reappearing in people’s social media feeds, for a different reason.

This selfie he posted on his Instagram account has people going nuts.

I am behind on processing photos! In other news, I think Japanese sushi is good for my skin :-)

A photo posted by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

Whether it’s because people are happy to see the familiar face after so many years, or they’re feeling nostalgic about MySpace, the photo is being shared all over the web.

Even though the photo was posted two years ago, for whatever reason, it’s only just caught everyone’s attention now.

And while his page it pretty much dedicated to his travel shots, there are a few other selfies lurking around on there.

Here they are.

Tom's now reads: 'Retired and travelling the world taking photos.' And that he is. His Instagram account is full of them.

I don't usually post self-pics, but when I do, it's right B4 I dye my hair blonde

A photo posted by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

In fact, he loves Instagram...

My photos are fueled by Korean BBQ. I am very intense when ordering! #bcdtofuhouse

A photo posted by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

Read about the rant he went on about it in 2012 here.

I dont often wear a jacket, but when I do, I wear my KISS kicks

A photo posted by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

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