CNBC's Kayla Tausche's Biggest Screw Up At Work Involved Getting Accosted By A Homeless Man

Kayla Tausche

Photo: Photo courtesy of CNBC/David Grogan

Kayla Tausche, who joined CNBC last year as a general assignments reporter covering corporate finance and deals, has definitely caught our attention. She’s currently in her sophomore year at the financial news network where she’s covered major stories such as the News Corp phone hacking scandal, Occupy Wall Street, the MF Global bankruptcy and the details of the highly anticipated Facebook IPO. 

Prior to joining CNBC, she served as the assistant editor of FT-owned DealReporter and worked on the companies desk at Bloomberg News.  She also did a stint at the Brussels bureau of the Associated Press where she interviewed Jacques Chirac. 

We’ve been so impressed with Tausche and her career that we had to hand her one of our surveys to find out more about her.  Check it out below:

Name: Kayla M. Tausche

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. (Hotlanta, if you will.)

Where did you go to school? UNC Chapel Hill. A proud Tar Heel, which means my bracket is doing well, at least for the moment!

What was your proudest day at work? Anytime I break news. The TV cycle moves so much more quickly than print does, so you know those segments are always the culmination of a very high-speed chase. There have been M&A deals, IPO pricings, and developments in corporate scandals – the break is what’s extremely gratifying.

What was your biggest screw up at work? Live television invites a lot of comic relief, and I’ve definitely had my share. I got tongue-twisted on the word “prevalent” once; had a homeless man accost me during a segment; and got my mic snagged off when a congressional staffer barged into my frame. All in a day’s work, I guess?

What’s sitting on your nightstand right now? I always take a fiction break in between business books to keep the content from bleeding together. Right now I’m tearing through reading Tom Rachman’s “The Imperfectionists” after finishing Michael Lewis’ “Boomerang” and before finally getting to “Googled” by Ken Auletta. All of them are stacked on the ol’ nightstand – a nice complement to an antique lamp and some pictures of friends and family.

What’s your pet peeve? People chewing with their mouths open. Enough said. 

favourite place to be alone? Anywhere I’m running. When I used to run marathons, I would take the ferry to Governor’s Island on weekends and do laps around the island until sundown. Haven’t had time for that ritual in quite a while, but it’s great for summer Saturdays. I’m on the hunt for new running routes besides Central Park and the Westside Highway, so get in touch if you have one!

favourite place/person to get advice? A college professor of mine, Chris Roush, remains a great friend and confidant – as are my parents, naturally. Not to mention Nik Deogun, our SVP and Editor in Chief Business News, who is a sage. I haven’t found one person who disagrees.

What do you eat for breakfast? I’m usually rushing out the door at the crack of dawn, so… a bottle of water and a large coffee for the bare minimum – add a muesli and yogurt once it reaches a decent hour.

What’s your favourite way to get some exercise? Whoops, I guessed I jumped the gun above. (See: favourite place to be alone.) I’m trying to get on the yoga/pilates train, but I can’t seem to sit still. I imagine a lot of reporters would say the same.

Who’s your best friend at work? Some of the closest friends you make in TV are the producers who travel on field assignments with you – you’re together 24/7. Luckily CNBC has some of the best in the business – and we manage to have a bit of fun, too. I am also ecstatic about having Kelly Evans onboard, though sadly she’s leaving us for London soon.

Wall Street Journal or Financial Times? An unfair question, since I used to work in London for the FT’s parent company (and got my mug on the cover last summer during the Sun Valley Murdoch chase). My final word: Journal as a first stop on weekdays, but the FT Weekend edition is far superior. 

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