This Nasty Viral Video Star Is Getting His Own Show And He Don’t Care

Honey Badger

Honey Badger is about to be a f***ing star and he doesn’t give a s***.

Our favourite YouTube sensation, the judgemental Honey Badger named Randall, who has garnered over 33 million hits on YouTube, is being turned into an animation/live action comedy hybrid, titled “Honey Badger U,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

After the success of the recent book “Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randall’s Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals,” Canadian production company Six Eleven Media is developing a comedy they plan to pitch to broadcast and cable networks later this month.

The show will feature Randall the Honey Badger as a professor of life sciences at a dysfunctional university, natch.

“His course will feature his trademark colour-commentary on documentary footage of topics related to science and the animal kingdom while forming an unusual bond with his students, fellow professors and the University mascot, “Honey,” a “nastya**” honey badger,” says THR.

So how did such a crazy-a** idea come about?

“Six Eleven was developing a university-based animated comedy following a professor who thinks he knows more than he really does, and his students, who know even less,” Kirk Schenck, of Six Eleven Media and an executive producer on the show, said in a statement.  “When Randall’s Honey Badger videos took off last year garnering tens of millions of avid followers around the world, it seemed natural to merge the two concepts.”

The original “Honey Badger” creators are also on board.

Watch the Honey Badger in action below: