Which ‘SNL’ Host Scored The Show Their Highest Ratings In A Year?

Charles Barkley

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Despite a rather awkward and unfunny appearance, Charles Barkley helped “Saturday Night Live” score a record-high rating for the first time in a year.The episode dominated with a 7.4 rating in the 11:30-1a.m. hours, giving the show the best ratings since Jim Carrey hosted January 8, 2011.

However, we doubt “SNL” topped the evening due solely to Barkley’s comedic chops.

The three-time host awkwardly  stumbled through his monologue, played a tired, lifeless Shaq, and dressed in drag fit for an episode of ABC’s “Work It.”

Rather, “SNL” can probably thank the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions viewers for their record-high numbers, since the game ran over nearly 15 minutes. This, coupled with the show’s first new episode of the year, most likely resulted in the huge viewership.

But don’t worry, Charlie B, at least you weren’t as bad as Michael Phelps.