Guess Which A-Lister’s Daughter Is Singing On ‘American Idol’?


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Last night, if you stayed up past the nail-biting New York Giants’ NFC championship win, you may have seen Jim Carrey‘s daughter, Jane Carrey, audition on last night’s special broadcast of “American Idol.”The 24-year-old Los Angeles waitress sang about 10 seconds of Bonnie Raitt‘s “Something to Talk About” before the judges unanimously sent her on to the next round. She was one of seven contestants to get a pass through to Hollywood last night. 

So, how was little Carrey? She wasn’t William Hung awful, but she wasn’t Kelly Clarkson awesome, either. The judges all seem to be rallying for herJ.Lo was gushing about seeing her in diapers. Hopefully, Jane won’t overstay her welcome solely due to star power. 

Her appearance easily became spectacle as the singing competition dedicated an entire slideshow of stills and video of the “Bruce Almighty” star with his daughter to the tune of John Mayer‘s “Daughters” playing in the background before she even took the stage.

So much for Jane trying to emerge from her father’s shadow.

Of course, no audition would be complete without Jane calling up dad to deliver the good news. Carrey could be heard over speaker phone, “Oh my God, this is going to be an exciting year.” (“American Idol” hopes so.)

If Jane sticks around for a while, maybe we’ll get to do more than hear her dad’s famous voice. 

We’re thinking Carrey‘s well-timed appearance may be another ratings ploy for “Idol’s” idling numbersthe show is down 24 per cent in ratings since last year. If so, there weren’t many promos showing off Ace Ventura’s daughter.

Maybe thatalong with an earlier broadcast on the East coastwould have given people “something to talk about.” 

Do you think Carrey‘s famous daughter deserves a spot in the next round?