Guess What Happened To The Guy With The Microsoft Tattoo (MSFT)


It’s an old legend that anyone who gets the name of their sweetheart tattooed on their body is heading straight for a breakup.

But what if you get a tattoo of your employer’s logo?

Techflash brings us the sad story of Dan Woodman, who was so enthused about working for Microsoft (MSFT) in July 2008 he got a tattoo of an unofficial Microsoft logo being bandied about: “The blue monster.”

But the tattoo wasn’t enough — Dan took a picture of it, and uploaded his pride to a new blog he started about his work at the company, with the first entry titled: “I LOVE this company!

Unfortunately enough for Dan, only six months later his position was one of the thousands of layoffs at Microsoft.

But we respect Dan for his optimism — he’s keeping the tattoo, in the hopes he someday might return to Redmond.

One of the questions I have been hearing often involves my very first blog post on this site — “What about the Blue Monster?”  The truth is, I haven’t regretted that tattoo since I got it and now is no exception.  The Blue Monster is staying.  🙂

Working at Microsoft has been the greatest experience of my life and I have no desire to forget about it.  And even if I don’t get back into Microsoft right away (which is, by the way, my plan!), then I have a reminder that even outside of Microsoft, I need to do my best to change the world every single day.

Good luck.

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