QUIZ: Can You Identify The Films From These Symbolic Images?

Photo: Evan Seitz / screengrab

Just how well do you know movies?One man has put us to the test.

Evan Seitz produced three animations quizzing movie fan’s film knowledge. The videos feature dozens of beautifully produced images representing iconic movies. Each bit is narrated with a sound bite from the respective film. The result is an entertaining assault on our visual cortex. 

We’ve broken down a few of the most recognisable images from his videos to quiz your movie prowess. 

We’ll provide you with the release year of the film. If you need a bigger hint, scroll over the text on each slide for the tagline or a movie reference. 

Can you guess all of the films?

1. If you need a hint, highlight the black box below the movie image. The answer is on the following slide. Release dates will appear up here. The film animated below is from summer 2010.

Hint: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn't.

2. 1997

Hint: 'I'll never let go, Jack.'

3. 2009

Hint: 'Fly Up to Venezuela.'

4. 2010

Hint: 'Your mind is the scene of the crime.'

5. 2001-2003

Hint: 'One ring to rule them all.'

6. 1986

Hint: 'Leisure rules.'

7. 1990

Hint: 'His story will touch you, even though he can't.'

8. 2010

Hint: 'I had the craziest dream last night about a girl who was turned into a swan.'

Now, check out the video where Seitz melded many of these clips together, featuring many more animations. Can you guess the rest of the films?

A few of the other clips popped up in Seitz's two other projects:

colours in Film

The Numbers in Film

Need more movies? The 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer just came out.

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