Guess How Old This Man Is...

During the Yankees – Red Sox game last night, FOX turned the camera on the man below, Bernando LaPallo, and asked viewers to guess how old he was.

Bernando LaPallo

Here’s another screenshot of him. I guessed 78. What’s your guess?

Bernando LaPallo

My guess, 78, was off by 33 years.

Bernando LaPallo was born on August 17, 1901. He’s 111 years old. 

LaPallo says he can get around fine and do every he needs to do. He has a new book coming out on his 112th birthday: Beyond 100 — How to Live Well into Your Second Century.

LaPallo credits his health to eating well, avoiding whiskey and wildness, and embracing moderation. According to Josh Vitale of, he also rubs olive oil on his face and feet–the former to prevent wrinkles, and the latter to prevent calluses and corns.

LaPallo says he had a stadium hotdog only once, when he ignored his father’s warning that they would make him sick. It made him sick. He hasn’t had one since.

Here he is with Derek Jeter:

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