Guess How Much Money You’re Blowing Each Year By Not Packing Lunch


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Packing your lunch might be the simplest way to save a ton of cash, a new survey shows.On average, buying lunch every day costs workers nearly $2,000 per year, according to the January 2012 Workonomix Survey conducted by Accounting Principals.

That’s about $500 more than employees spent on commuting, and nearly $1,000 more than the amount spent on coffee, per year.

Even so, two-thirds of American workers still opt for meals prepared by outside sources. (Learn how to pack a lunch you’ll actually want to eat.)

The stats are worse among the younger set. Young professionals spend about $45 per week compared to the $32 spent by employees who are older than 45. 

As for men? They spend even less time in the kitchen and twice as much on dining out, according to the survey. In 2011, men spent about $46 per week compared to the $26.50 spent by women.

Despite the costs of buying meals, more employees said they preferred to be reimbursed for their commute rather than lunch.

But that could be because they’re looking to change their eating habits. One-third of 1,000 respondents said they would put preparing their lunch high on the list of their financial goals for 2012.

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