Guess How Much Money You Would Have Made Buying Apple Stock Instead Of Products?

apple tattooBut how much for the tattoo?

Photo: Terry Johnston via Flickr

$11,120,691.To be more specific, if you had purchased every single Apple product released since November 1997 — right after Steve Jobs rejoined the company — you would have spent $591,769. Now you’d have several basements full of mostly obsolete Apple gear.

But if you had taken all that money and invested it in Apple stock on the day that each product came out, you’d now have $11,120,691.

The numbers come from a blog post by Kyle Conroy, which was picked up earlier today by the New York Times’ Bits blog.

It’s unreasonable to assume that even the biggest fanboy would have purchased EVERY Apple product, but if you took just one of them — the PowerMac G3 250 released in November 1997 — and invested that $5,400 in Apple instead, you’d now have $330,563.

Or, if you invested the $399 you spent on that first iPod, you’d now have $11,914.

The worst ROI? Investing the $1,199 purchase price of a MacBook Pro Core Duo that came out last year — that stock would be worth only $1,339 today. But no telling what might happen if you hold for another 10 years.

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