Hacking Superstar 'Guccifer' Has Reportedly Been Arrested In Romania

We’ve previously reported on Guccifer, a hacker who is perhaps most famous for accessing email addresses belonging to political figures like former president George W. Bush, ex-secretary of state Colin Powell, and pop culture icons like Candace Bushnell.

Now a Romanian news outlet reports that Guccifer has been arrested.

He is allegedly 40-year-old Marcel Lazăr Lehel, and this is not his first brush with the law.


This isn’t the first time Lazăr Lehel has been arrested for hacking: In February 2012, he was convicted of dozens of hacking-related charges received a three-year suspended sentence. Those charges stemmed from Lazăr Lehel’s attacks on dozens of Romanian officials between October 2010 and July 2011.

Lazăr Lehel was arrested shortly after Romanian officials raided his home yesterday night.

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