The National Guard Is Spending Time With Sandy Victims Just Explaining How To Eat Army Chow

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Photo: Eric Durr via New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, soldiers from the National Guard rushed to the rescue. They provided power, helped people evacuate, and ran up 13 flights of stairs to keep the emergency generator going.They also delivered food, although it was in a form most civilians don’t know what to do with. Meals, Ready to Eat (MRE), typically provide about a third of a day’s worth of calories in a cargo-pocket sized pouch. All the food is fully prepared, and can be consumed straight out of the bag.

But they also include a heating bag, which can be tricky to figure out, especially if your first language isn’t English.

To help citizens in the diverse New York City, soldiers in the New York National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry, and 204th Engineer Battalion, gathered volunteers so they could demonstrate how to use the heaters, the Army reports.

The volunteers taped the soldiers as they opened the heating bag, put in the entree, poured in the correct amount of water, and waited for the food to cook. They may also make posters of the steps, so that people waiting in line at 13 distribution points will be ready to go.

As of November 2, the Guardsmen had given out 208,000 meals and 55,000 litres of water. Aside from the points-of-distribution, they’ve also gone door-to-door to check on people.

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