Jail Workers Say Colorado Shooting Suspect Wants To Know How 'Dark Knight' Ended

the dark knight rises

Photo: Warner Bros.

The man accused of gunning down moviegoers during the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” reportedly just wants to know what he missed.James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people during his shooting rampage asked an Arapahoe County Detention centre employee how the movie ended, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

“Like he had no idea why there was anything wrong with what he was saying,” another jail worker who witnessed the exchange told the Daily News. “It was sick … I think he’s trying real hard to act crazy.”

Holmes watched the first 30 minutes of the movie before allegedly opening fire on the crowd.

This isn’t the first time Holmes has caused problems at the detention centre. He was reportedly spitting at guards so often jail workers had to force him to wear a black plastic face guard.

Holmes also wears a bulletproof vest to protect him from other inmates who have threatened him, the Daily News reported.

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