Before making movies, these were the first 7 jobs of the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director

James gunn guardians of the galaxyAnthony Harvey/Getty ImagesJames Gunn at the premiere for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with Oreo, the raccoon who inspired Rocket Raccoon.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn wasn’t always a filmmaker.

The hashtag #FirstSevenJobs has been making the rounds the past several days on Facebook, asking people to share their early places of employment, and the always social media savvy filmmaker took to Facebook Monday to share his first several jobs before making it behind the camera.

Among the jobs he listed were bus boy, cashier/employee in a CD store, and waiter. He even recalled working as a telephone marketer for a day, a job which he hated so much that “at the end of the day I told my manager that I wasn’t going to come back.”

Here’s his full list of early jobs, in Gunn’s own words.

List your #ā€ˇFirstSevenJobs below. Here are mine:

1. Busboy

2. Waiter (Steak N’ Shake, y’all)

3. I don’t know what to call this. I worked in a factory that cleaned and supplied industrial uniforms and other supplies. I was a general mule, working in shipping and delivery, doing a lot of manual labour.

4. Quarry worker

5. Hospital orderly (see The Toy Collector)

6. Bar musician (touring around in a band)

7. Cashier/employee in a mall CD store.

My actual 7th job was once again waiting tables (at Denny’s this time), but, for variety’s sake, I made number 8 number 7.

Gunn noted that it wasn’t until maybe his tenth job that he became a filmmaker, reminding those who are pursuing similar careers, or any dream job for that matter, that everyone has to start somewhere.

So, yes, to all of you aspiring Hollywood screenwriters and directors who are currently waiting tables, there is hope.

Check out Gunn’s full note below:

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