The Army's New Guardian Attack Helicopter Is A Total Beast

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Photo: DVIDS

One of the military’s baddest attack helicopters just got a little bit tougher.The Army recently fielded a new version of Boeing Apache series — the AH-64E “Guardian” — to replace the “Longbow.”

The Army is calling it the World’s premier attack helicopter, and by the looks of it, the Guardian will live up to the hype. Project managers turned over the keys to 8 of the 24 slated to be operational by April 2013.

The new upgrades enhance operability rather than weaponry.

An improved drive system allows the bird to hover at 6,000 feet with a full payload of weaponry.

Pilots say the drive will help them during high altitude operations in support of troops on the ground.

Enhanced rotor technology allows for unprecedented banking and over all manoeuvrability.

The bird is so steady in the sky that operators can simultaneously pilot nearby drones.

A lot of the upgrade is under the hood. The motor is better prepared to handle austere conditions, like high altitude, cold, dry heat, and dust.

New, fuel-efficient T700-GE-701D engines, mean the bird can travel farther with more equipment, a stumbling block of earlier versions.

Advanced electronics on the inside hone sensors on the outside, allowing for early detection of possible threats.

That's unfortunate, according to AOL defence, since the old nickname was chosen by the Taliban.

You've seen the latest Apache helicopter in America's arsenal ...

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