The Third Largest Botnet Spewing Spam At The World Has Been Shut Down


An enormous network of infected computers known as the Grum botnet has been taken down, reports one of the security researchers involved.

The Grum botnet was considered to be the third-largest spam botnet, with access to countless infected PCs known as “zombies.”

It sent 18 billion spam messages a DAY, reports PCWorld, making it responsible for 18% of global spam.

This botnet was run by servers in Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine “has been a safe haven for bot herders in the past and shutting down any servers there has never been easy,” according to a blog post by researchers at security firm FireEye, who helped find the servers.

The story of the takedown sounds like something out of a spy movie. After discovering the servers controlling Grum, FireEye shared that info with two spamfighting organisations, Spamhaus and CERT-GIB, as well as an anonymous researcher known only as “Nova7.”  Overnight, they located the servers and by the next day, the spam bot was squashed.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t really stopped spam. The infected PCs— the zombies—have not been cured, so it’s possible that another bad guy can figure out how to start using them. Plus there are other botnets responsible for 82 per cent of the world’s spam.

But it’s still a good blow by the good guys.

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