How GrubHub Seamless will capture a bigger bite of the $70 billion takeout market

GrubHub Seamless has already captured 20% of the $US9 billion market for online ordering from restaurants — but now it wants to get into the delivery business, too.

Based on company estimates charted for us by BI Intelligence, Americans spend only $US9 billion a year ordering food from restaurants online, which is just a fraction of the $US70 billion market for food takeout and delivery. Of that $US9 billion, GrubHub Seamless only handled about $US1.8 billion in restaurant takeout sales in 2014.

A delivery service will be a major motivator for restaurants that don’t currently offer deliveries, since GrubHub Seamless is now willing to handle that aspect of the experience. (Uber has been experimenting with a service like this, too.) To help jumpstart this delivery initiative, GrubHub Seamless says it recently acquired two restaurant delivery services — Restaurants on the Run, and DiningIn — that currently deliver for more than 3,000 restaurants in the U.S.

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