GRUBER: The iPhone 5 Is 'Almost Weirdly Light'

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Top Apple blogger Jon Gruber has posted his impressions of the iPhone 5 after getting to play with it after the company’s launch event this week.He’s not ready to pass a full judgement, but he has three definitive things to say about the phone so far:

It is “almost weirdly light,” but in a good way.

“As in, I-feel-almost-legally-obligated-to-not-merely-include-but-to-italicize-the-really-intensifier-in-the-preceding-sentence light. Almost weirdly light, to my oh-so-utterly-accustomed-to-the-heft-of-the-iPhone-4(S) hands. But it also feels solid, and the metal unibody just feels right.”

The metal backing feels “right” and permanent.

“The plastic of the 3G/3GS was, I’m certain, a tradeoff for engineering and perhaps cost purposes that no one at Apple was ever satisfied by. The glass of the 4/4S feels great, but it’s fragile and, compared to aluminium, heavy.”

The thin screen makes it feels like the pixels are “on” the glass, not under them. 

“After seeing the new iPhone 5 display, my iPhone 4S display seems as thick as a Coke bottle.”

Gruber’s very long post also had a bunch of interesting things to say about the way Apple handled the event itself. Go read it >>

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