GRUBER: "Something Tells Me There's Only One New iPhone"

John GruberJohn Gruber

Plugged in Apple blogger John Gruber had a (typically) cryptic post when it comes to the iPhone event invitation.He wrote, “Something tells me there’s only one new iPhone.”

Coming from anyone else, it wouldn’t be worth a comment, but Gruber has good sources inside Apple, and good intuitions about where the company is going.

If he thinks there’s only one iPhone coming, there’s a good chance we’ll only see an iPhone 5, not an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 4S, as has been speculated.

(Or, maybe we get an iPhone 4S, and no iPhone 5.)

(If you want to read tea leaves — and if you’re reading this post, you probably do! — you could look at the iPhone event invite and see that Apple has a big fat “1” on the phone. That 1 could be a clue that Apple is only releasing one iPhone, and that could be what Gruber is referring to.)

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