THE ROBOTICS MARKET REPORT: The fast-multiplying opportunities in consumer, industrial, and office robots

Robots have been a reality on factory assembly lines for over twenty years. But it is only relatively recently that robots have become advanced enough to penetrate into home and office settings.


In a recent report from BI Intelligence we assess the market for consumer and office robots, taking a close look at how robots are penetrating into many markets once dominated by legacy consumer-electronics companies.

We also examine the market for industrial manufacturing robots since it is the market where many robotics companies got their start, and remains the largest robot market by revenue. We assess how far along the robotics industry has come in solving some of the most pressing hardware and software challenges. And finally, we assess the factors on the consumer side that might still limit the market for relatively inexpensive home robots.

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Here are some of the most important takeaways from the report:

In full, the report:

  • Includes nine charts and datasets on robot industry segmentation, opportunities, and trends
  • Has nine separate sections with in-depth discussions of tech and price hurdles, barriers to consumer adoption, industrial market shifts, Google’s robotics efforts, toy robots, the telepresence market, the home-cleaning market, and the consumer-robot market overall.
  • Discusses why growth in industrial robots has tapered.
  • Details the reasons behind the success of the Roomba vacuum.
  • Introduces geographically segmented data on the home-cleaning market.

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