Groupon’s New Discount Tool Is The Stuff Of Nightmares


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Things have gotten so bad at Groupon that the company doesn’t even seem to believe in its own marketing tools anymore.The daily deals site just launched a new site called Clicky, the Clickable Value-Wheel, which 100% of respondents in a recent survey of Your Money reporters said is undoubtedly the creepiest thing they’ve ever seen (Note: This poll is not scientific). 

In order to play, you have to link to the site through Facebook and then “spin” the wheel – which has been topped with two glassy eyeballs and an upside-down (?) mouth – to score discounts ranging from $5 to $100 on existing Groupon deals. 

From the way they wrote the press release, even Groupon doesn’t seem to think this’ll stick with consumers. Or maybe they just knew it’d draw more media attention that way? 

The wheel “was designed to provide momentary distraction and meet the minimum threshold of amusement necessary for users to share,” it reads. 

And just in case you were willing to get over how nasty this thing looks just to score a discount or two, they’re quick to lower expectations.

“Literally, most people will not win anything,” Groupon says.

That’s because the developers had to be sure the wheel wouldn’t bankrupt the whole company by doling out discounts to every click-happy user piddling away time on their lunch break

“We designed the wheel to spin in a way that appears random – like you could potentially win on any given spin – but it’s not actually random, it’s programmatically predestined to ‘win’ 1 out of 1,000 times,” says Mike Bennett, lead developer.

Thanks for that.  

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