Here’s How Groupon Is Literally Generating Walk-In Business

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Touchscreen kiosk company SmartDigital will begin offering Groupon deals through its devices today in Chicago with plans to expand to other markets down the road.SmartDigital’s kiosks are indoor/outdoor devices for public use that provide localised news, entertainment, and information, like a tour guide or help desk.

Now the kiosks will also support Groupon content. Customers will be able buy deals by swiping a credit card or by paying with a preexisting Groupon account.

This is a perfect way to get more people using Groupon Now, its real-time offers product. The classic example is a discounted lunch. Deals will be geo-targeted, meaning you won’t have to walk very far from the kiosk’s location in order to take advantage of whichever deal you just bought.

The Groupon daily email is hardly dead. You might instead think of it as Groupon 1.0. The partnership with SmartDaily is a way for Groupon to quite literally generate walk-in business.