Groupon President Rob Solomon Leaving

Andrew Mason and Rob Solomon from Groupon
Rob Solomon (right) next to CEO Andrew Mason.

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Rob Solomon, the president and chief operating officer of daily deals site Groupon, is leaving the company suddenly, reports Kara Swisher at AllThingsD.Solomon joined Groupon last year  after a stint at Crossover Ventures and previously spent 6 years at Yahoo overseeing its shopping site. He was widely considered to be the “adult supervision” for the young founding staff — much like Eric Schmidt at Google.

According to one industry insider, the “job got too big for Rob. He was employee number 200 and they are now 6000 or more.”  The insider also said that Groupon has been looking for a president to replace him.

Solomon is apparently moving back to Woodside, the toney rural Silicon Valley location where Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and other tech bigwigs make their homes.