Groupon Wants To Go Public NOW

andrew mason

[credit provider=”AP”]

Groupon was about to file to go public this week, sources tell AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher, but their bankers held them back because they were going to do it without all of the necessary paperwork, financial modelling, etc.So, if Swisher’s sources are right, Groupon wants to go public as soon as possible, sooner than previously anticipated. Most people were expecting a Groupon IPO in the fall.

An IPO is a complicated process. There’s a fair bit of bureaucracy involved, and that’s only the beginning — after that you have to go with your banker to meet a bunch of institutional investors who have to agree to buy your stock so the IPO doesn’t flop. But a filing could happen at any time.

That being said, Groupon is almost sure to be one of the hottest IPOs. It could go public at a $25 billion valuation, which would make it a bigger IPO than Google.

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