Groupon CEO Tells Employees To Grow Up -- After Saying Sorry For Drinking Too Much Beer

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Groupon’s CEO Andrew Mason is an interesting guy who hasn’t always made the most mature decisions.But Mason is trying to instill a new, grown-up environment at Groupon.

On Wednesday, he held an hour-long meeting for employees during which he told his staff they have “no margin for error.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mason told them this “right after he apologized for drinking too much beer.”

Of course Mason, per usual, was joking. Groupon has town hall style meetings frequently and beer is usually present for employees.

During the meeting, Mason also discussed next steps for Groupon. From WSJ:

Mr. Mason said Groupon made a strategic decision to grow quickly to race ahead of competitors in the nascent local-deals industry. Now, he said, Groupon needs to slow down and focus on fewer initiatives, including on “quality and control” and “not taking stupid risks.”

Here’s the full Wall Street Journal article >

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