Groupon And Foursquare Are Working On A Big Partnership


Groupon and Foursquare are ironing out the last details on a big partnership, Liz Gannes reports at AllThingsD.

Presumably Groupon deals at certain places would be featured on Foursquare, and if a Foursquare user buys that deal Foursquare gets a cut. Groupon already has a similar deal in place with Foursquare competitor Loopt. 

It’s a smart idea where everyone wins. Foursquare gets a partner with huge reach and some cash, Groupon gets a new customer acquisition channel and consumers get deals. 

Foursquare and Groupon are so complimentary, in fact, that it would make sense for the two companies to tie up even further. A year ago, we went as far as to try to broker an acquisition through Twitter

From a business perspective, both Foursquare and Groupon are about bringing together the internet, small local businesses and consumers, albeit in completely different ways. Some sort of partnership/investment/acquisition would be a great idea. 

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