Groupon For Dudes? We Hear You, Says CEO



Chicago-based Groupon is one of the hottest startups in the world right now, but as a user, I’ve always had one complaint: There are WAY too many Brazilian waxing and spa deals on there for me to handle. I’ve considered unsubscribing several times because of it.

“We hear you,” Groupon cofounder and CEO Andrew Mason tells us in this exclusive video interview.

So what is the company going to do about it? It doesn’t seem like they’re going to immediately come out with a separate “Groupon for Dudes,” the way Gilt Groupe has rolled out “Gilt Man.”

Groupon is really committed to the one deal per city, per day idea, Mason says. But he says they are going to keep refining targeting for Groupon, first by making deals even more hyperlocal.

Don’t miss the part at the end where Mason tries to convince me to get a facial.

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