One Of Groupon's Top Salespeople Has Left The Company

Jayna CookeNo longer Groupon’s top salesperson.

Photo: Jayna Cooke

A top-earning Groupon salesperson, Jayna Cooke, has left the company, the Wall Street Journal reports.At one point, Cooke handled big deals for national brands like Gap and Nordstrom, which showed that Groupon could break out of its niche of Brazilian waxes and sky-diving discounts.

More recently, Cooke worked as a local sales rep in the Chicago market, a source close to Groupon told us.

We’ve heard a lot of reports about unrest within Groupon’s salesforce—which admittedly had it easy during Groupon’s early days, when the daily-deals business model seemed to be minting money. Commissions are harder to earn these days.

Cooke previously worked for a company, Echo Global Logistics, which was started by Groupon cofounders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. She’s headed to Eventup, a startup backed by Lefkofsky and Keywell’s Lightbank.

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