If You're Tired Of Apple's Buggy Messaging Software, Try Microsoft's GroupMe Instead

GroupMe on iPad

People have many complaints about iMessage, Apple’s built-in text-messaging service for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

There’s a great solution, and it’s from Microsoft, of all companies: GroupMe.

GroupMe’s app, which Microsoft picked up when it acquired Skype last year, lets you exchange messages with several people at once.

And it just got a beautiful redesign that brings it to the iPad.

With GroupMe 4.0, chats are now in the forefront, photos are bigger, and it’s much easier to switch between conversations. 

What’s also cool is that you can easily share your location or where you’re planning on going using the new map feature. 

And unlike iMessage, GroupMe works on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone—as well as via a slick Web app or any phone which does regular text messages. So besides looking good, it’s a much better option if you don’t run with an Apple-only clique. (And despite the name, GroupMe also handles one-on-one messages.)

GroupMe 4.0 for iPads and iPhones is available as a free download. It’s also available in beta for Android.

Check out images below:

GroupMe 4.0 main screen

The main screen makes it super easy to access all your groups and even start a new one.

GroupMe 4.0 chat screen

The chat screen is super clean and features bigger photos.

GroupMe 4.0 chat screen with big image

The view when you click on an image within a chat.

GroupMe 4.0 group member view

GroupMe 4.0 beautifully lays out huge images of all members in your group.

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