13 DIY group costume ideas for Halloween

Youtube/TaylorSwiftVevoConsider dressing like Taylor Swift and her crew from ‘Bad Blood.’

Whether or not this is your first time stepping out with your friends for Halloween, you might notice that it can be frustrating trying to come up with a good group costume idea this late in the game. But just because it’s last-minute doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t pull together something iconic.

If you’re looking for some good DIY costumes this Halloween, here are 13 ideas to propose to your crew.

Grab your friends and dress like the Powerpuff Girls.

Cartoon NetworkIt works with a group of three.

Gather up some friends and head out to fight some serious crime this Halloween dressed as the Powerpuff Girls.

All it takes is a pair of white tights for each person, black shoes, and a light blue, green, and pink dress to replicate each one of the girls. Tie a black ribbon around your waist to top off the look and grab a pink bow for Blossom’s look.

Dress like Destiny‚Äôs Child in their “Survivor” music video.

SugarHill StudiosIt’s an iconic look.

Take it back to DC’s “Survivor” era with a camo-filled costume. Grab some camo crop tops and pants – or shorts if you want. Step it up a notch with black combat boots and a camo headband.

The “Riverdale” cast will be especially popular this year.

Warner Bros. TelevisionYou have plenty of people to choose from.

Whether there are two, five, or seven members to your squad this Halloween, going as the “Riverdale” cast makes room for everyone to find a chilling costume. To nail the main four cast members, however, it won’t take much effort and you may even have some of the items in your closet.

To replicate Archie, find a long-sleeved shirt, some blue jeans, throw on a blue and yellow letterman jacket, and spray your hair red.

For Jughead, grab a grey beanie, layer a plaid and grey shirt, and top it off a black leather jacket.

Keep things upbeat with any blouse and cardigan layered and a pair of jeans to give real Betty vibes. And, if you can, don’t forget the infamous ponytail to go along with it.

Last, but not least, to nail Veronica, find a black lace top and black skirt to pair with a pair of black heels.

Channel your inner pop princess.

BritneySpearsVEVOPerhaps you can be Britney from ‘Baby One More Time.’

Many can argue that we’ve seen our era or pop princesses, but you and your crew can bring that back for the night by mixing the past with the present.

Choose Britney Spears (go for her school girl look in the “Baby One More Time” video), Christina Aguilera (pull a page from Kylie Jenner’s book and replicate the iconic “Dirrty” video look), Ariana Grande (don’t forget her staple high ponytail), or Taylor Swift (from any one of her music videos).

Grab some buddies and be “Legends of the Hidden Temple” players.

NickelodeonThe helmet is key.

The best part about this costume is how simple it is to recreate. Grab a pair of khaki shorts, a coloured t-shirt (green, orange, purple, red, grey or blue would be ideal), and a yellow helmet. You can even paint the different animals to represent the teams on your shirt, too.

Bring the famed video game to real life and be a player from Mario Party.

Flickr/JD HancockGo as Mario or Luigi, for example.

2018 marks 20 years since Mario Party has been igniting rivalry amongst friends and family members and we’re still yearning for more. Give everyone a taste of real gameplay by taking it from the screen to real life this Halloween as you and your crew dress as some of the timeless characters.

If you want to go as Mario or Luigi, for example, just throw on a set of dark blue overalls and a green or red t-shirt with matching hat. Don’t forget your gloves.

For Princess Peach or Daisy, you’ll need white evening gloves and your choice of a pink or yellow dress and a crown.

Oompa Loompas are a classic choice.

Warner Bros. PicturesDon’t forget the paint.

Though Minions have become super popular Halloween costumes over the years, nothing beats the originals. Come ready for a good time as Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa henchmen.

Just put on white pants and white suspenders with a brown turtleneck. Add a pair of white gloves and a green wig to really go for the look and paint your face orange to finish it off.

The Addams Family is a Halloween go-to costume.

Paramount PicturesWednesday Addams, especially, is a classic choice.

Halloween isn’t really Halloween if you don’t see someone in a costume of the first family, so why not let it be you and your crew? Raise some hairy eyebrows by showing up as Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Wednesday Addams.

If you choose to dress as Gomez and Morticia, you’ll need to find a pinstripe suit, a white shirt, and black tie and a black, long-sleeved evening gown to show up in.

For Pugsley, just throw on a pair of black shorts, black and white striped shirt and black tube socks.

Wednesday, on the other hand, can be replicated with an all black dress or a black skirt, white collar shirt and black cardigan. Whichever option you choose, just don’t forget the legendary pigtails to match.

Ash, Misty, and Pikachu are a great choice if there’s three of you.

The pokemon companyPokemon is probably the hardest to recreate, but still possible.

Pokemon Go may not be as popular as it was in 2017, but that doesn’t mean the Pokemon franchise has lost its magic. Show up as Ash, Misty, and Pikachu this year and remind everyone why you’re the team to beat.

To get the Ash look, get a green t-shirt and place a blue vest on top. Throw on a pair of light blue jeans and a red and white hat to seal the deal.

For Misty, a pair of light denim shorts, red suspenders, and a yellow crop top will get you the effortless look.

Pikachu, on the other hand, can be done in plenty of ways. Pairing a yellow dress, cardigan and tube socks is one way to do it, but here are a few others from Romper.

Channel the ’90s with a Spice Girls costume.

Featureflash Photo Agency/ShutterstockIt’s a guaranteed good time.

Yes, the Spice Girl’s costume has been done many times, but that doesn’t make it any less iconic.

Gather a group of five and assign each person a different spice girl.

For “Sporty Spice,” opt for a tracksuit and for “Baby Spice” wear a mini-skirt and pigtails.

As for “Scary Spice,” it’s all about cheetah print and wearing your hair in what resembles horns.

For “Posh Spice,” channel your inner Victoria Beckham with a slick black dress and finally, for “Ginger Spice,” you’ll need a dress with the UK’s flag on it.

The possibilities for dressing like trolls are endless.

NetflixBodysuits are necessary.

This one is so easy, anyone could do it. Spray some colour in your hair, find a matching tutu, and throw on a nude bodysuit. If you can’t find a nude bodysuit, however, opt for a nude tank top and tights instead.

“The Wild Thornberrys” is great Halloween inspiration.

NickelodeonNickelodeon offers some iconic ideas.

Who can forget Nickelodeon’s beloved, nature inquisitive family, the Thornberrys? Turn heads this Halloween by bringing them back to life with a group costume to remember.

For Nigel, find a pair of green cargo shorts, a tan button up and some white tube socks. Be sure to spray some orange hair dye in to really add to the costume.

To nail Marianne’s look, find a yellow vest (or crop top), light blue jeans, a red bandana, and glasses.

If you choose to Debbie – the big sister we all loved to hate – distressed denim jeans, an orange crop top, and a green plaid shirt will help you nail this look.

Want to be Eliza instead? Just grab an oversized yellow shirt and paint her red pockets on, place a red turtleneck on underneath, throw on your glasses and rock your braided pigtails.

“The Craft” girls are the pre-“Mean Girls” mean girls.

Columbia PicturesThe key is to dress in ’90s grunge.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t give credit to some of the cult classics and “The Craft” is just that.

If you want to go as the creepiest of them all, Nancy’s look needs to be dark. Grab a black leather jacket, a studded choker, red lipstick and go heavy on the eyeliner. To finish the look, throw on a few beaded rosaries and combat boots and a plaid skirt.

For Sarah, grab a pair of black knee-high stockings, a black cardigan, white graphic t-shirt, and plaid skirt.

Bonnie’s look can be replicated with a plaid skirt and black cardigan like Sarah, but throw on a pair of black booties and a white blouse instead.

And finally, get Rochelle’s look by throwing on a plaid skirt, black knee-high stockings, black suspenders, and a short-sleeve, button-up blouse.

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