A groom was bitten by a rattlesnake -- and the wedding photographer captured it all on camera

Couple-wedding-rattlesnake-photoFacebook/Maddie MaeJohnny Benson and Laura Loretz pose for their wedding photographer after Johnny was bitten by a rattlesnake.

A Colorado couple just got an unpleasant wedding surprise: The groom was bitten by rattlesnake, right in the middle of a pre-reception photo shoot. 

Newlyweds Johnny Benson and Laura Loretz of Fort Collins, Colorado, were posing for photos when the snake slithered from the grass and bit the groom, the Coloradoan reports. Their photographer, Maddie Mae, captured the aftermath of the bite in a series of photos shared on Facebook yesterday

“A Larimer County Park Ranger was driving by, and all 3 of us started waving furiously at him,” Maddie wrote on Facebook. “He rolls down the window and we yelled, ‘He just got bit by a rattlesnake!!’ The ranger, obviously not hearing what we said, yelled back, ‘CONGRATULATIONS!!’ at the couple in wedding clothes. But then when he got the message.”

Benson was quickly transported by paramedics to a nearby hospital, where doctors could determine the severity of the bite. The ranger had warned that, if the snake injected venom into the groom, he might require several days’ hospitalisation. Luckily, ER staff found that the bite was venom-free  —  meaning Benson could leave immediately.

The couple kept calm and smiled through the entire ordeal. And, incredibly, they arrived just one hour late to their wedding reception.

“I’ve never seen such a emotional ‘grand entrance’ as all 184 guests cheered when Johnny & Laura walked in and showered them in a sea of passionate hugs,” Maddie wrote. “I admire Laura & Johnny so much for staying calm, and holding each other’s hand through the first great test of their brand new marriage.”

 See the all the images at photographer Maddie Mae’s Facebook page

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