Meet Grokr, The First iPhone App You'll Want To Use Every Day

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There’s a new, must-have app for my iPhone that’s changed the way I use the device.It’s called Grokr, and I’ve been testing it for a few weeks now.

While some compared it to Google Now, a feature from Google for Android phones that anticipates what you might be searching for and delivers it automatically, Grokr is a bit different.

Grokr pegs itself as a personalised search and discovery app, which anticipates and recommends information. The appĀ learns everything you like and prompts you with breaking news, trends, up-to-date traffic information, weather, sports scores, restaurant information, and pretty much anything else you would need.

When Google Now debuted earlier this year it took the virtual assistant world by storm. The new type of search was able to accurately predict what users wanted and tried to give it to us before we even asked. That’s something Apple’s Siri has trouble with.

Overall, I like Grokr and felt like it’s a solid offering. As time goes on I hope the app adds even more useful features that will help me remember everything.

Grokr is free for iPhone and iPod touch.

After it's downloaded, tap to open.

Once you're finally inside you'll see the app landing page.

Take a few minutes to get acquainted with the app. Here is a brief explanation about the app. The app automatically brings you up to date information wherever you are.

Grokr is one of those apps that needs your location to really work well.

There's the prompt. Tap OK to allow the app to use your location.

Grokr works better if you sync your social media accounts. You have the choice between Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

We decided to link Twitter. Simply type in your username.

You'll know everything worked when you see the check next to your account.

And we're in. The first thing Grokr shows us is the traffic around us. Luckily we don't drive in NYC. Directly below the traffic, Grokr shows us our current location. The more you use the app the better it will get to know you. You can save favourite locations to get more precise information around you.

Right below the traffic and our location we can see weather information and items that are currently trending on the web.

Tapping on the weather section will bring out the full forecast.

We wanted to find out about restaurants around us. Here's a good list serving breakfast around us with integrated reviews from Yelp.

Tapping on a restaurant brings up even more information about it, you can call or even get directions.

Even further down on the main screen we can get information about current movies. Here's Tom Cruise's new movie Jack Reacher.

Besides movies, we even have information about events that are happening around us.

Grokr can automatically monitor where we are and lets us know where we've been and our favourite places, sort of like an automatic Foursquare. But don't worry, only you can see this information.

If you give the app permission, Grokr can scan your iTunes and learn about your interests. The goal is to give you more accurate results about events or concerts that may be in your area.

If the topics the app picks for you aren't good enough, you can search for other topics that fit you.

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