This Startup Is Fixing The iPhone’s Biggest Competitive Gap With Android

grokr location

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Apple users who are fed up with Siri, the iPhone’s voice-command software, are about to get another option.Grokr is a new mobile app for Apple smartphones and tablets that catches them up with a key feature of Google’s Android—Google Now, a service which uses all your information to anticipate what you might search for next.

It does this by pulling in information from multiple sources—what Grokr calls a “knowledge graph”—and social networks like Facebook and Twitter to provide users with the most relevant information possible. 

Just like Google Now, Grokr offers information tiles like weather, traffic, trending topics, and news. 

Grokr also helps you plan your commute, find restaurants nearby, and stay up-to-date with your favourite sports teams and music artists.

Grokr CEO and cofounder Srivats Sampath admits that Grokr and Google Now are very similar, but highlights a very key difference.

“Google wants to keep you within the Google ecosystem,” Sampath tells Business Insider. “It’s a very insular system.”

Grokr has already secured $4.2 million in funding from NEA, U.S. Ventures, Triple Point Ventures, and Lerer Ventures.

If you want to check out Grokr, it should go live in the Apple App Store at midnight Eastern Time Tuesday night. But in the meantime, check out more images of the app below.

grokr fun app

Grokr will show you fun activities nearby.

grokr sports card

Grokr keeps you up to date with your favourite teams.

grokr recommended news

Grokr learns what music you like based on what you listen to on your phone to show you recommended concerts to see.