Final minute of a game between 2 of the best teams in the NBA so far turns into hilarious calamity

  • The Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies entered their Wednesday game with 5-2 records, high up in their respective conferences.
  • The final minute of the game turned into a blooper reel with the two teams combining for four turnovers and three missed shots.
  • The Magic won 101-99, but both teams may need to work on their end-of-game execution.


The Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies have been two of the best teams early in the NBA season, with 5-2 records entering Wednesday night.

They faced off for the first time on Wednesday, and while it was a close game, the final minute of play didn’t exactly inspire confidence in either team.

Over the final minute, with the Magic leading 100-99, the two teams combined for four turnovers and three missed shots, as the game turned into what looked like a blooper reel.

It began with Mario Chalmers throwing a pass out of bounds with 46 seconds remaining. The Magic got the ball, but Terrence Ross fell while running a play, turning the ball over to Chalmers. Chalmers raced down court for a layup, but blew it while trying to draw a foul. The Magic came back the other way and found Ross in the corner for an open three, but his foot was on the sideline, turning the ball back over.

After a timeout, Chalmers missed a three-pointer and the Magic called a timeout of their own to advance the ball. Ross then threw a bad pass, turning it over again, and the Grizzlies went the other way and missed a three that would have given them the lead.

Yahoo’s Dan Devine compiled the final 35 seconds in a sped-up video.

The Magic hung on for the 101-99 win, moving to 6-2 while the Grizzlies fell to 5-3. The NBA season is young, but both teams may need to work on their end-of-game execution. 

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