This Explicit Ad Against A Pro-Gay Republican Is Coming From Inside His Own Party

New York State Senator Mike Grisanti crossed party lines last year to be one of the deciding votes in the passage of the Gay Marriage legalization in New York State.

The vote made Grisanti a target for detractors on the right, as a number of social conservative groups pledged political retribution for New York Republicans who voted for the bill. 

Now, an explicit ad targeting Grisanti is circulating online, playing off anti-gay fears and accusing Grisanti of trading his vote for cash. 

The ad is credited to “The Committee to Save the Erie County Republican Party,” a shadowy group that, as far as we can tell, doesn’t have any political footprint. Buffalo journalist Alan Bedenko and other Buffalo bloggers have postulated that the ad is the handiwork of local Republican activist Matthew Ricciazzi, who has a longstanding beef with Grisanti. 

The ad looks like a piece of direct mail, but it is not clear if any voters have actually received it. 

Here’s the front side:

grisaldi ad

Here’s the other side:

grimaldi ad

Photo: towleroad

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