Volcano Grimsvotn Erupts In Iceland, Ash Could Reach Scotland By Tuesday

Update 10:00 AM: Ash from Grimsvotn’s eruption may reach Scotland by Tuesday and UK, France, and Spain by Thursday or Friday. It all depends on whether or not the volcano keeps erupting, according to the UK Met office, its meteorological authority (via Sky).

Now word yet on how this could affect European air transport.

Earlier: Iceland’s volcano Grimsvotn, the country’s most active, erupted yesterday sending a plume of ash into the sky.

It has shutdown the country’s largest airport, Keflavik, but has thus far not impacted trans-Atlantic flights or other travel. It is not expected to, as the ash plume is being blown towards Greenland, rather than Europe, according to the Guardian.

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Check out dramatic video of the eruption here: