Here’s where all of your favorite characters ended up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 17

Greys s17
Season 17 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ included the loss of a few main characters. ABC

Meredith Grey spent the majority of the season in a hospital bed but returned home before the finale.
Meredith grey season 17 greys anatomy beach
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. ABC
Meredith spent most of the season being treated in the hospital while dealing with a severe case of COVID-19. 

The majority of Meredith’s scenes took place on a dream-like beach, showing her talking to friends and family. Meredith spoke with surgeons who had already died such as Derek, George, Lexie, Mark, and DeLuca about where they were now and how she felt about trying to recover as she faced the possibility of dying.

After she was discharged from the hospital, Meredith had to readjust to the lingering side effects of the illness before returning to surgery. She also accepted a new role training residents. 

Andrew DeLuca died from an off-screen confrontation.
Andrew DeLuca  - Greys Anatomy s16
Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca. ABC
During season 16, Andrew’s concerns over a patient being a sex-trafficking victim were disregarded by the entire staff, who just thought he was having a breakdown.

Andrew got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was adjusting — but he also ended up being right about the patient.

When the girl’s captor returns to the hospital, Andrew recognizes her and goes after her. In an altercation that happens on the series’ spin-off “Station 19,” Andrew is stabbed.

He dies at Grey-Sloan, and viewers see how his fellow doctors are affected by his death throughout the rest of the season.

Carina DeLuca grieved her brother’s death with her fiance, Maya.
Karina Grey's Anatomy
Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca. ABC
Carina arranged an intervention for Andrew early in the season, which led to him getting the help he needed to cope with his mental-health struggles.

She went with Andrew to follow the trafficker and was devastated by her brother’s death.

Her fiance, Maya, helped her through. By the end of the season, Carina served as a mentor to Jo, who had switched specialties.

Jackson Avery decided to permanently leave Grey-Sloan to lead the Catherine Fox Foundation in Boston.
Jackson Avery Grey's Anatomy Jesse Williams
Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery. ABC/Richard Cartwright
Jackson’s frustration over the unfair treatment of Black people by cops and health-care workers became a larger part of his arc throughout this season.

When treating people injured at police-brutality protests, Jackson reflected on not having ever been to protests himself and felt he needed to contribute more.

Jackson decided to head the Catherine Fox Foundation from Boston and use his role to help underserved communities and populations.

He talked over the choice with his ex and former fellow surgeon, April Kepner, who is now single and divorced. April agreed to move to Boston with him so they can raise their daughter, Harriet, together.

Jackson’s departure from Grey-Sloan marked actor Jesse Williams’ final episode after 12 years on the show.

After recovering from COVID-19, Tom Koracick also left Grey-Sloan to pursue something bigger.
Greg Germann as Tom Koracick greys anatomy
Greg Germann as Tom Koracick. ABC
Tom Koracick was demoted from his Chief of Chiefs position by Catherine Fox, who reassigned the position to Richard Webber to make up with him.

He dealt with the backlash of his affair with Teddy and then contracted COVID-19. 

By the time he had recovered enough to work again, Koracick struggled to cope with survivor’s guilt. He didn’t understand why he lived when so many other patients he’d been in rooms with — most of them not white — died due to the virus.

He begged Jackson to let him come to Boston to also pursue something greater at the Catherine Fox Foundation. Jackson reluctantly caved.  

Later, we learn he bought Jo Wilson’s shares of Grey-Sloan and is now a partial owner. 

Owen Hunt was able to slowly forgive Teddy for having cheated on him with Tom.
Grey's Anatomy season 17 owen proposal
Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt. ABC
Owen told Teddy that he knew she cheated on him with Tom, which is why he canceled their wedding.

Teddy’s confession that Allison was her girlfriend and not just her best friend created another wedge in their relationship, as Teddy had never mentioned this even when they named their daughter after Allison.

Owen eventually forgave Teddy and the two got engaged during the finale.

Teddy Altman dealt with the consequences of cheating on Owen and struggled with PTSD during the pandemic.
Teddy Altman. season 17 greys anatomy
Kim Raver as Teddy Altman. ABC
Teddy finally found out that Owen canceled their wedding because he overheard her and Koracick having sex on the voicemail message she accidentally left him.

DeLuca’s death triggered Teddy’s PTSD and caused her to reflect on the tragic death of her former lover, Allison.

After recovering enough to return to work, Teddy was able to continue with Meredith’s COVID-19 treatment and helped save her life.

Cormac Hayes supported Meredith during her battle against COVID-19 and spent time mentoring Jo.
Cormac hayes greys anatomy s17
Richard Flood as Cormac Hayes. ABC
Cormac helped care for Luna, an infant in the NICU who was born of an abdominal pregnancy, throughout the season. Luna’s mother, Val, died of surgery complications. 

When Jo switched specialties to pediatrics, he also began to work more closely with her.

Dr. Hayes was also injured during a police-brutality protest that he attended with his sons, but he recovered. 

Zola had a larger role in this season as the only one of Meredith’s children old enough to understand how sick their mother was.
Zola greys anatomy s17
Aniela Gumbs as Zola. ABC
Though Zola wanted to be informed about what was happening with her mom, she asked that her younger siblings, Bailey and Ellis, not be told about things that they may not understand, such as Meredith being put on a respirator.

Zola was able to visit her mother in the hospital right before Meredith woke up.

Levi Schmitt rekindled his romance with Nico and impressively saved a life on his own.
Levi schmitt greys anatomy s17
Jake Borelli as Levi Schmitt. ABC
Schmitt and Nico began hooking up again as a way to provide each other with stress relief. Eventually, they got back together and Schmitt turned down Nico’s proposal to move in with him.

Schmitt also regained confidence after performing a life-saving procedure on a patient in a hyperbaric chamber.

Levi supported Jo’s decision to change her medical specialty while also living in her apartment. He also invited his friend and coworker, Taryn Helm, to move into Jo’s loft. 

Richard Webber returned to the hospital, reconciled with Catherine, and took over as Chief of Chiefs.
Grey's Anatomy season 17 richard
James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber. ABC
Richard suffered from cobalt poisoning due to a hip-replacement issue last season until Andrew DeLuca saved his life with a correct diagnosis.

Webber had also argued with his wife, Catherine, last season, but they reconciled after Catherine gave Richard the Chief of Chiefs position.

Richard acted as Meredith’s health-care proxy while trying to keep morale up in the hospital as staff continuously readjusted to COVID-19 protocols as they changed over time.

He also officiated his birth daughter Maggie Pierce’s wedding during the finale.

Miranda Bailey grieved the loss of her mother and nursed Meredith back to health.
Grey's anatomy
Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey. ABC
Miranda has been able to effectively run Grey-Sloan throughout the pandemic, despite her OCD being triggered by it.

When her mother became sick with COVID-19, Miranda revealed that her mother had been struggling with Alzheimer’s as well.

Her mother died from COVID-19 complications, and she was soon mourning Andrew’s death too.


Atticus Link found it hard to care for his newborn and Meredith’s kids, but realized he wants more children with Amelia.
Link greys anatomy s17
James Christopher Carmack as Atticus Link. ABC
After Amelia had his child, Link spent most of his time caring for their newborn along with Meredith’s kids.

He briefly dealt with the stress of the pandemic and caring for children by drinking, but seemingly stopped after a conversation with now-sober Amelia and a drunk hangout session with Jo.

Link also told Amelia that caring for so many kids made him realize he wants to have another baby with her, but she didn’t feel the same way.

During the finale, Amelia declined his marriage proposal and he went to live with Jo.

Amelia Shepherd cared for her newborn while adjusting to living with Link and struggling to remain sober.
Amelia greys anatomy s17
Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd. ABC
Coping with the challenges of motherhood, the emotional weight of Meredith falling ill, and having to stay home to raise children during a medical crisis tested Amelia’s sobriety, but she remained clean and sober throughout the season.

Amelia also helped Teddy cope with her PTSD and discussed marriage with Link, though she ultimately rejected his proposal during the finale.

Jo Wilson made some major decisions that included changing specialties, moving, and adopting a child.
Jo greys anatomy s17
Camilla Anne Luddington as Josephine “Jo” Wilson. ABC
Jo started the season off by hooking up with Jackson to get over her husband Alex Karev, who left without saying goodbye in person the year prior.

After helping deliver a baby, Jo realized that surgery no longer made her feel fulfilled and decided to switch specialties to pediatrics.

In the process, she became very attached to Luna, an infant whose mother she cared for before she died. When Jo tried to adopt Luna her application was rejected due to a failed background check.

Link agreed to foster Luna, which would allow Jo to actually care for her and hopefully eventually get custody. 

Maggie Pierce dealt with a lot of frustrations, but ultimately got married.
Grey's Anatomy season 17 maggie and winston
Kelly McCreary as Maggie Pierce and Anthony Hill as Winston Ndugu. ABC
Winston Ndugu reconnected with Maggie at a conference last season, and the two began dating immediately.

During the first half of this season, their romance continued long-distance via video calls until Winston was able to safely get to Seattle.

The two got engaged shortly after and began to meet each other’s family and plan their wedding. On the finale, they got married in a beach ceremony officiated by Richard Webber. 

Throughout the season, Maggie also made medical breakthroughs and voiced her frustrations over the disproportionate rate at which Black people were fatally impacted by COVID-19.