The actor who plays Grey Worm on ‘Game of Thrones’ was really yelling ‘Mike Pence!’ and they had to dub it over in Valyrian during one of the Battle of Winterfell scenes, the show’s producers revealed

  • “Game of Thrones” producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss appeared on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” on Thursday to discuss the final season of the hit HBO show.
  • Weiss offered up some behind-the-scenes trivia about the previous episode, “The Long Night,” which detailed the Battle of Winterfell.
  • He says in one of the scenes where the character Grey Worm is yelling at his troops, he’s actually saying “Mike Pence! Mike Pence! Mike Pence!”
  • It was later dubbed over with a command in Valyrian, one of the languages of the “Game of Thrones” world.

Vice President Mike Pence had an unlikely role in the Battle of Winterfell, “Game of Thrones” producer D.B. Weiss revealed in an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday night.

Weiss and his producing partner David Benioff appeared on the talk show to discuss the final season of their hit HBO show.

At one point, Kimmel asked them about how they portray the different languages in the “Game of Thrones” world, and they explained that they brought in an expert, David Peterson, to create the languages of Dothraki and Valyrian.

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When asked which actor is the best at speaking these languages, Weiss said Peterson has told him that the British actor who plays Grey Worm, Jacob Anderson, “is like a native speaker of Valyrian.”

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On one of the 55 nights of night shoots to film the episode, “The Long Night,” which detailed the Battle of Winterfell, Weiss said director Miguel Sapochnik asked Anderson to improvise something in Valyrian to yell to his troops.

“Jacob was so tired and so delirious and out of if that all he could think to yell was, ‘Mike Pence! Mike Pence! Mike Pence!” Weiss said.”So in one of those scenes where Jacob is yelling and pointing … what he was actually saying was ‘Mike Pence! Mike Pence!”

Weiss said that scene was later dubbed over with a command in Valyrian, and Anderson was wearing a mask that covered his lips so you can’t read what he’s really saying anyway.

In addition to acting on the show, Anderson is also a musician who goes by the stage name Raleigh Ritchie.