Inside The 'Secret' Speakeasy Party Grey Goose Threw To Relaunch Its Flagship Vodka

If you look at Grey Goose’s advertising since its inception in 1997, the message has been less about the product itself than
the elegant, sexy people who drink itand
the cool, fancy parties at which they imbibe.

But the brand’s latest campaign from Team WPP’s Paris and New York offices seeks to change that by focusing on the ingredients and craftsmanship that differentiate a vodka you sip in martini at a swank cocktail party from one you mix with orange juice and guzzle out of a plastic bottle on your way to Delta Kappa Epsilon.

For its “Fly Beyond” campaign, Grey Goose sought to tell the story of how French cellar master François Thibault created a luxury vodka for the American market using distilled wheat from Picardy, France, and spring water from Cognac. But rather than just telling the story in its latest TV ad, Grey Goose brought it directly to New York last week with an immersive installation experience that turned a West Village storefront into a quaint French bakery that offered passersby free coffee and pastries made from the same wheat used in the brand’s vodka.

Grey Goose being Grey Goose, of course, the experience was not complete without an extravagant speakeasy party going on behind the bakery’s back door. We went to see it for ourselves, and here’s what we found:

By day, the Boulangerie Picardie looked like any other West Village cafe.

Friendly baristas gave out free coffee and pastries baked with wheat from the Picardy region of France.

But at night, behind this door...

...was a party.

The invited guests (including a group of models and other fashion industry folks) enjoyed Grey Goose-infused cocktails

...and sipped custom-ingredient martinis in a private room.

Others lined up on a spiral staircase watch the musical acts Grey Goose brought in below.

Singer/songwriter Amos Lee's performance was quite good.

And just in case anyone forgot who threw the party...

Grey Goose decorated the space with its Picardy wheat...

And an aquarium shaped like the Grey Goose.

Not bad for a tiny West Village bakery.

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