Habit expert shares 3 simple tips for being happier every day

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us would love to be happier.

Google Trends shows an increasing interest in happiness as a topic, and the word features prominently in the titles of countless advice columns and self-help books, including Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project.”

So it’s no surprise Redditors wanted to hear from Rubin, a habit expert, her best tips for being happier every day during her Reddit AMA yesterday.

They are:

1. ‘Relationships make people happier, so connect with other people.’

“Ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree: to be happy, we need strong relationships with other people,” Rubin told Business Insider.

To connect with people, she suggests starting small and taking simple steps like joining a social group, saying hello to people at work, calling a friend, or emailing your mother. “Anything that tends to strengthen your relationships, or broaden your relationships, is something that’s likely to boost your happiness.”

2. ‘Think about your body.’

“Your physical experience always colours your emotional experience,” Rubin told Redditors.

Rubin believes our physical wellness has a huge impact on our emotional wellness. To mitigate feeling miserable, consider first any physical issues that might be causing discomfort.

Try getting enough sleep, not letting yourself get too hungry, getting a little exercise every day, taking steps to manage pain, and avoiding uncomfortable clothes. “Your body matters,” she told Business Insider.

3. ‘Make your life a reflection of what’s true about you.’

Get to know yourself, Rubin suggests — explore your true nature, interests, and values. Then be true to yourself and accept these discoveries to be who you are.

“Just because someone else has fun going to bars, watching sports on TV, shopping, or travelling, doesn’t mean it will make you happy,” she explained.

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