Gregg Popovich hilariously mocks a player's bleached hair

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has shown enough of his fun side that we know he’s not simply the man often screaming on the sidelines or giving steely mid-game interviews.

On Monday night, cameras caught a fun moment between Popovich and Indiana Pacers point guard George Hill.

Hill, who has been sporting a dyed, bleach blonde hairstyle this year, played his first three years with Popovich and the Spurs.

When Hill walked by the Spurs bench, Popovich couldn’t help shouting him out, appearing to say, “Georg-ie! I like it!” before pretending to comb his hair.

Here’s a better look at Hill’s ‘do this year:

Hill can’t feel too bad about it — he’s just one person on a long list of people Popovich has mocked. 

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